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Envision+Design+Build.  That’s what we do.  Whether we’re building roads and pad sites in the oil fields of Wyoming, digging ponds and reservoirs in Colorado, improving river flows throughout the Rocky Mountains or installing raw water pipelines, we get projects DONE.  We strive to bridge the gap between the landowner’s vision or need, and reality.

Safety, efficiency and effectiveness are the three components WURX focuses on as a specialized construction company.  We have expertise in all areas of natural resources, oil and gas fields and residential or commercial site development.  Expanding on our years of experience in natural resource and agriculture engineering, WURX is a quality focused construction company. We apply our expertise and creative approach, along with common sense, to design and build projects to fulfill our client’s needs.


We strive to improve:






crops and watersheds

civil site development

wildlife habitat

land development and agriculture improvements


We provide innovative solutions in:




access & infrastructure



civil site development

land development and agriculture improvements

reclamation and agronomic practices

WURX is with you through every step.  Envision: Thoughts become visionDesign: Concept design to construction plans.  Build: Vision becomes realityEnvision+Design+Build.


Western Heritage Consulting & Engineering - Civil Engineering
Western Heritage Consulting & Engineering - Irrigation System Design Engineering
Western Heritage Consulting & Engineering - Water Resources Engineering
Western Heritage Consulting & Engineering - Design-Build & Construction

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