About Our Company

WURX is a specialized construction company with expertise in all areas of natural resources. Our team realizes that natural resources are the one reserve that cannot be manmade. We understand the importance of natural resource preservation as well as natural resource development. WURX doesn’t only strive to protect the natural resources, we strive to improve the resources the Rocky Mountains offer.


Expanding on our years of experience in natural resource and agriculture engineering, WURX has proven effectiveness and efficiency as a natural resource construction company.

We apply our engineering and construction expertise and creative approach, along with common sense, while designing and building projects, fulfilling our clients vision.


WURX is with you through every step.  Envision: Thoughts become visionDesign: Concept design to construction plans.

Build: Vision becomes realityEnvision+Design+Build.

Currently Serving the Rocky Mountain West!



We are able to adapt and overcome unexpected challenges that arise on projects.


We strive to offer a common sense approach backed by calculations to ensure your project is functional.


We work to couple the newest technology and information with the tried and true methods.


Honesty and integrity are what keep our customers loyal.

Casper Location

2435 King Blvd. Suite 130, Casper, WY 82604